Does an ordinary cardboard box need to be boring? No. The best proof of this is the exposition of Mieszanka Krakowska candy. Wawel SA, its producer, has chosen a combination of functionality and grandeur. Admittedly, this intent was fulfilled.

The cardboard boxes containing 2.8kg of chocolates have an unusual shape, which is quite showy by itself. Opening the lid turns it into a chest containing candy. Anther advantage are the strong, bright colors – juicy green, and on the sides a row of drawn orange and red fruit with flavors corresponding to the chocolates. Not many customers would decide to buy nearly 3 kg of this candy, and the producer is well aware of this. This is why one of the boxes is open and invites to take as much as we like into the special plastic bags placed near the exposition.

Mieszanka Krakowska is one of the most well-known and popular Wawel products. As the producer assures, the richness of fruit flavors in combination with the delicate dessert chocolate creates a composition full of freshness and delicacy. In the mix there are four flavors: natural lemon, mature orange, sweet raspberry and exotic pineapple.

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