Can coffee drank at home be as aromatic, strong and tasty as in our favourite coffee shop? Nescafe promises so. The secret lies in the proposed Nescafé Gold Blend Barista Style.

Stands offering this newest Nescafe product have appeared in Polish shops. The small stand in the form of a cube has been placed right next to the coffee aisle. The base makes for over a half of it, in the characteristic Nescafe red color, and the artwork leaves no doubt – it is a can of aromatic coffee. Those cans were placed on the three shelves, so that the customer interested by the offer will be easily able to reach them. The company promotes a particular type of coffee this way, but it is important that the full assortment of the producer is placed on the shelves nearby. The customer can then grab the promoted novelty or stay loyal to their favorite Nescafe.

Nescafé Gold Blend Barista Style is high quality instant coffee with finely ground, excellently burned coffee beans. As the producer promises, it is a unique combination o strength, full taste and intense aroma of ground coffee. Most importantly – with the ease and speed of making instant coffee. The instant coffee is made from 100% natural coffee with specifically selected seeds. A unique taste for all lovers of black coffee.


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