Pretty Vulgar

Metal stand for Pretty Vulgar cosmetics in its structure looks like a bird cage. It refers to artwork used by the company on their products. Metal rods resemble cage bars and they are splayed out which represents the company’s “to feel free as a bird” idea.

The stand has two sides which means that in the center there is a decorative panel which serves as back for both stand’s sides. The round shelves with matching cardboard slots for cosmetics complements the whole idea. The drawer base aesthetically fits the pattern while preserving functionality.

Unusual precision of the manufacturing of the stand, attention to detail like woman’s oval portrait in vintage style or metal bird carved out from metal are indicative of quality of this expositor. The brand’s logo is extremely finely cut from glossy plastic. Remarkably beautiful and refined in detail this stand definitely encourages clients to at least look at the presented products.

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