What is the basic tool of every student? What does every woman have in her purse – apart from the obligatory lipstick, of course? The answer is the same, a pen. The Paper Mate company made sure that you choose the right one by going one step ahead in setting their exposition apart.

Pens are items which we cannot do without. That is why they can be bought practically anywhere, from a kiosk to a supermarket. However, in each point of sale there is a very large assortment to choose from. That is why most producers of stationery tries to present their products on, for example, effective displays or with extra advertisement, presenting as large an offer as possible.

Paper Mate company as chosen a slightly different direction. They decided on a bright, large display, outfitted with milk-white illumination. On the upper hangers there are bundles of colored pencils, on the lower shelves, in mugs, there are pens, segregated by color. On the peak of the stand there is, also illuminated, a very clear company logo.

The display, despite showing a rich offer of products, is rather minimalistic. Everything has been placed on only four levels. However, this solution is deliberate. The customer will not walk by indifferently.

The display and its toned white hue is clearly contrasted with the colorful competition. A plus for originality and boldness in creating innovative solutions.

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