Odol company has chosen a large offer for their German customers. An extensive exposition is placed between cosmetics aisles.

The company name and artwork of a shield with a pure white, healthy tooth on it, tell customers what can be found in Odol’s offer. The aforementioned shield also works psychologically – the reflective surface makes customers think that after using Odol products, the teeth are secured, protected from discoloring or bad breath.

It must be said that the company’s offer is very rich. In one spot the producer placed not only their flagship product – various toothpastes. Everybody can choose a toothpaste of delicate or intense mint flavor, depending on their taste. There are whitening toothpastes, toothpastes for removing discolorations from coffee, tea or cigarettes. There is also a wide array of mouthwashes.

The company also offers a special series for children which includes not only toothpaste but also toothbrushes. Everything is kept in bright, intense colors, and the toothbrushes are made to resemble toy animals. It makes brushing teeth another form of fun.

The idea to place several types of products near each other is great. The customer who wants to buy only toothpaste will definitely think whether perhaps it is worth to also buy, for example, mouthwash, or an extra tube of toothpaste of another flavor, Even if they are used to another company’s products, they can take Odol products, just to mix things up a bit, and if they are satisfied, they will continue buying only those.

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