Wedel has worked hard to promote their products. This milk-chocolate exposition is incredibly rich – both in products and POS materials.

The sided column displays separate the Wedel zone from other products. And between them there is a truly cartoony, sweet exposition. There is artwork of incredible cows, flying like balloons and… real balloons with cows drawn on them On the two cardboard displays there are products arranged separately – Ptasie Mleczko on one and chocolates and other products on the other.

The main theme of the exposition is of course the cow with a four-leaf clover in its mouth. It also overlooks the entire zone. Even if the adults go into other aisles in the shop, the children will definitely not miss such a colorful, fabulous and tasty zone.

It is not by coincidence that it is a cartoony cow that tempts to try Wedel candy. It is of course a reference to the extra milky treats. The shelves are filled from top o bottom. Everybody can find something they like there – Ptasie Mleczko, chocolate, chocolate bars, cakes. The pleasant cow can be seen on most packaging. The producer ensures that „everyday dose of pleasure” hides within every box.

It is worth seeing for yourself.

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