Italian moms can use HiPP company’s offer. In those shops the products are offered in an interesting way.

The cardboard stand in the form of a large box contains baby meal sets placed one atop the other. The stand’s colors are bright – green and blue. The main theme is a green tree against a blue sky background. Presumably the creators intended it to be associated with ecology and a happy, calm summer day. This effect was accomplished.

It is definitely important for the youngest consumers that there are smiling animals both on the packaging and the stand. Thanks to this, the 2-3 year olds will gladly reach for a box or convince their parents to do so.

For the parents on the other hand, the advantages of the HiPP meals are more important. And those were created considering the particular nutritious needs of children between 1 and 3 years. They have been developed based on the recommendations of nutrition specialists, and all the ingredients used in the production are subject to strict quality control. HiPP product for small children are an important part of a properly balanced diet in young age.

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