All around the world the assortment of diet supplements and weight loss products makes for the lion’s share of the market. It is no different in Italy. Svetol is an American company entering that market, which encourages healthy weight loss with the use of the properties of green coffee beans. To be noticed among the plethora of other offers it needs something to stand out.

The company underlines that naturalness is the main advantage of their products. It is no coincidence then that the company color is green – a reference to nature and green coffee beans. Apart from the green coffee the product contains birch (helps to clear the body and speed up the metabolism) and chrome (contributes to keeping a normal level of glucose in blood and stimulates processing of carbohydrates)

Svetol has decided to make their offer very clear. This is why the product bottles have been placed on very functional, round, rotating stands, but the large labels with information about the products take up most of the space.

It is clear that the laconic message is a plus. The producer assumed that especially if the customer is in a hurry they will not read a lot of information, but will notice the slogans: burns fat, eliminates toxins, clears.

The bait mottos are supposed to draw the attention of the customer. If they stop and become interested, they can get extensive and detailed information about the item and its effectiveness. And that is only a step away from purchase, which the customer will associate not with spending money, but an investment in their health and beauty.

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