Most people like Asian cuisine, but not everybody can create oriental dishes in their own kitchen. House of Asia intends to change that. The company offers their products using stands placed in Polish shops and hypermarkets.

One of the advantages of the stand is its color and variety of offered assortment. On the side, along the entire height there is artwork – a photo of an oriental dish and an advertising slogan “Discover the taste of Asia”. The artwork with dishes, and a smiling Asian beauty also dominates at the front, above the shelves.

And it has to be said, the shelves almost bend under the weight of the rich assortment. There are sauces – fish and soy, and even gluten-free, special kinds of rice, rice pasta, Mun mushrooms, cocoa milk. There are also ready seasoning kits. The idea is so that the customer who notices the offer can immediately choose the products which they will use to create oriental delicacies at home. And whoever tries it once, will definitely buy more products and tasty compositions.

The full offer of House of Asia is a unique line of Asian delicacies. A series of specialized products for sushi, original seasoning, accessories and other specialties of Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisines. As the producer points out, it is a complete offer of the most characteristic ingredients of Asian seasoning.


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