The stand with Captain Morgan Rum has been placed on the corner of the alcohol aisle. There are not many bottles on it, as its role is representative, and it is supposed to encourage the customer to buy a specific type of rum – gold and black – before they even enter the aisle.

The stand in the shape of a wooden chest contains the treasure of captain Morgan – a few bottles of the promoted rum. Above it all there is artwork of a jaunty pirate. Additionally, on the chest there is a simple recipe for serving rum and photos of both the bottle as well as the prepared drink with lemon.

The stand is effective and draws attention, and the ready and simple drink recipe may make the customer, who was going to get another kind alcohol otherwise, get a bottle of the pirate liqueur as well.

It is worth noting that Captain Morgan is not a fictional character. Over three hundred years ago Morgan became famous first as a corsair and then as the governor of Jamaica, and by the end of his life as a producer of excellent Rum, which he called after himself. Captain Morgan died in 1688, but the Rum, made according to unchanged recipe, has been continuously produced. The alcohol has unique deepness and intensive flavor of roots, oak and vanilla aftertaste. Simultaneously, it is extraordinarily delicate thanks to maturing in barrels made of light wood.

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