Żywiec Zero Zone II

Once again Żywiec’s stand is featured on our blog. This time Żywiec Group focused on promoting non-alcoholic beverages and is not surprising because they are leadering in the sale of this type of products.

The promotion of non-alcoholic beverages is a good marketing strategy, especially because it takes into account a larger number of recipients, such as drivers who would also like to experience the refreshment provided by beer but without the effect of drunkenness.

The whole stand is white and blue. These are colors of non-alcohol beverages used by the company. The whole stand is made from plastic and it has five shelves. Topper has a delicate floral pattern, to be more precise-hop pattern. Also, there is a communication on the topper. The whole stand presents coherently and elegantly.

However, side panels should receive the utmost attention. Both sides are made from big blue zero numbers carved in plastic and they are enlarged version of zero number from the topper. This shape was used before but now it came to the fore by its creative manufacture.

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