Warm months is the time when we buy a lot more mineral water than usual. To stand out among the competition, Żywiec water is promoted with references to the movie “Avangers Age of Ultron”, which is aired in cinemas at the time.

No fan of action and sci-fi movies will miss such an exposition. That is because everybody can pick the water bottle with their favorite hero. There is Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor and others. As a part of the special offer, the producer assures that everybody who buys a special bottle, and enters the promotional code on the website, has a chance to win valuable rewards.

The cardboard display has a box base on which there are two levels of water bottle multi-packs. The single bottles were placed on the top. The entire exposition is kept in the theme of the movie, even the colors refer to the movie poster.

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