Strip hangers for XL Energy Drink cans. This is the form the producer chose and it was a good idea.

The strip hanger is kept in a blue-navy color scheme. The cans are placed in profiled pockets, and thanks to the extra width gained this way, a visible red name “XL Energy drink” could be added. However, if somebody were to miss that, there is also a wobbler on the top of the exposition.

Of course, this form of exposition is meant to first and foremost draw attention to the product. The strip hanger can only fit nine cans, which is exactly the number of types of drink offered by the producer. There are more cans on neighboring shelves, and without a doubt nobody will be left without this injection of extra energy in the form of a refreshing lightly sparkling drink.

The company offers following XL series drinks – Energy Drink, Lime&Lemon Energy, AfterParty, SportsManiac, DoubleKick, Mixer Mojito, Mixer Pinacolada, Mixer PowerToniq, Juiced Guava.

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