Does every company need to have their own exposition to achieve success? Not necessarily. Hypermarkets have been investing in theatralization entire aisles for a long time now. Following in their footsteps are large stores, which highlight each category of products. In the photo an example of a zone for children.

Very diverse products have been grouped in one spot. And so, there are meals, juices, powder milk, supplements. Cosmetics for children were placed on the lower shelves and on the very bottom there is a large assortment of nappies.

Each of the producers has been given their share on the shelf for their products. The winners here are definitely the store itself and the customer – thanks to such a concentration of products in one spot, the value of a single shopping basket increases. The consumer on the other hand can come with the intention to buy just milk, but might also get baby oil, or a pack of nappies, which they might not have bought, had they been placed in other parts of the store.

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