Wicked Joe is a coffee brand which offers much more than just naturalness or ecology. It is an entire strategy, or even ideology. Natural and simple approach of the producer to the customer. It can be seen even in the form of the product offer.

The stand is made of clear, undyed cardboard which already sets it apart. There is only the name, logo and marketing slogan on it. The coffee packaging is also graphically minimalistic, kept in a green theme – from the dark, bottle green to bright, juicy green. Even a customer who does not know the brand will associate it with naturalness and ecological production.

The company motto is a saying: “Coffee should be black as Hell, strong as death, and sweet as love”.

Interestingly, Wicked Joe is a family company, which approaches its work with people in mind, both those who farm the plants, those who process them and those who drink a cup of the aromatic liquid. This is why they do not buy coffee in bulk, but directly from individual farmers. Thanks to that, they get better prices, are tied to the company not only by contract, but also emotionally. The people who cooperate there, respect and help each other, and such cooperation has another, personal, emotional dimension. Wicked Joe is a company that cares about coffee from the single coffee bean to the hot cup in our hands.

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