Whiskey Bushmills

Bushmills producer has chosen simplicity and relatively small assortment – Black Rush and Irish Whiskey Triple Distilled. The stand is kept in subtle, creamy-brown color scheme, which refers to the naturalness of the product. “Surprisingly delicate” and “handmade” is the basic and most important information that the producer wants to be associated with this alcohol. The customer can choose standard bottles or ones additionally placed in metal cans. The relatively small choice can be an advantage – if the customer wants to buy this kind of whiskey, he will not think long about which alcohol to choose.

It is worth noting that Bushmills is one of the more popular distilleries, the oldest one in the country. Bushmill 10 year is distilled three times, in copper alembics. Interestingly, in order to enrich the aromatic palette the distillates mature in the same barrels after bourbon and sherry.

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