Wawel- Wolność Wyboru (a rack)

Stand with containers for Wawel candies it is a good idea for everyone who wants to enjoy their favorite sweets.

The expositor is made in metal shelf form painted white with containers attached to the back and the base. Trays are made of transparent plastic so the products are clearly visible inside. Also, they are set at an angle to make them easier to access. Every tray has a lid that looks aesthetically pleasing and keeps the products from getting mixed up. Three rows with four trays in each one have enough products to choose and match but not too many to feel overwhelmed.

There is minimal amount of the artwork and simple communication on the topper, but what gets the most attention are the little colorful tags just over the trays which presents sweets scattered below.

The white and transparency contrast with the topper and the colorful candy wraps. The entirety stands out from the rest aesthetically.


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