A very elegant floor display resembling a piano. The display is made from black, varnished board and plastic. An interesting part of this display are the 3 shelves, each presenting the products in a different way. The lower shelf is rather classic, but against the entire display the bottles on it look as if they were in shadow. On the shelf above it, the same bottles are presented on an illuminated shelf, which makes the products very visible. The top shelf imitates the keyboard of a piano and has dedicated cutouts matching the diameter of the bottles placed in them.

Ogiński is Polish, clear, white vodka, produced by Polmos Bielsko-Biała, on the base of corn.

The liqueur refers with its name to a polish compositor, Michał Kleofas Ogiński, whose name is also visible on the vodka bottles. The bottles are available in 500ml and 700ml sizes. Alcohol content is 40%.

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