Alcohols can be presented not only on the shelves in the liqueur aisle, but also on small counter displays. Such a solution is currently used by Soplica.

The company offers favored liqueurs in standard capacity of 0.5l, but it also introduces small, compact bottles. Those are the ones that have been placed on the small counter display. Placed on its peak are an advertisement and a promoted innovation – nut flavor Soplica. Notably though, on the three shelves there are a the flavors in the offer, so that the customer can without trouble pick their favorite, tested flavor.

Another advantage of this solution is the clear price – relatively low. Thus, the customer will not be facing the dilemma, whether the alcohol which they intend to buy just to try it is too expensive. It is very likely even that somebody in the queue for another alcohol will also decide to get the liqueur.

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