Sokołów SA company promotes their products also with small counter displays. The small size allows to place the stand directly on the meat refrigerators. Thus, the customers waiting in a queue will automatically notice the stand and the products displayed in it. It increases the chance tat the client will decide to buy kabanosy sausages of specifically this company and not the other ones in the refrigerator.

Sokołów is another company which has a well planned marketing strategy referring to nature, and so wants to convince the consumers to choose those meats. This is why the stand is made from raw, thin wood, not covered in any paints or varnish. Minimalism was the focus – there are only small logos on the front and top, and on the side a the recognizable carved Sokołów tree. This is how pork-chicken kabanosy sausages are presented.

As the producer assures, the production is also largely based on natural and traditional methods. The meats are smoked in a traditional smokehouse fueled with wood from forests of Bieszczady mountains. The products are thus supposed to have the characteristic taste, smell and color of the traditional smoking process.

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