Leibniz company exposition has been prepared in German shops – extensively and with real panache. Inside the store we can see a part of a sweet jungle. Between the side stands there are pallet-crates with PicUp crumpets under a palm tree.

Such an exposition can definitely intrigue adults, let alone children, for whom this original form was developed. The juicy green color reminds of fresh air, the palm tree of holidays, rest and relaxation. It makes one want to grab a crispy cookie and forget reality for a moment. This was probably the producers intent and it was achieved in full

In the fresh, sweet jungle there is a classic product – Pick Up CHOCO. Nestled between two crispy crumpets there is equally crispy chocolate. The company also offers a few other kinds of Pick Up. Black ‘n White is a white chocolate in two dark cocoa crumpets, in the Carmel version, there is a mix of chocolate and caramel. For the youngest there is the version of the chocolate with cream hidden within, and for all seeking fruit refreshment, there is white chocolate in bright cookies with juicy, fruit filling.

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