Mamba chewing gum is something the youngest customers like a lot, and cannot resist. Especially when it is presented in such an interesting form.

What do we imagine when we think of paradise holidays? A tropical weather and rest under palm trees, of course. Mamba chewing gum is already there. The display is extraordinary, very colorful and effective. Made of cardboard, it consists of several parts. The base is stylized to look like a wooden chest – flowerpot. A large, green palm tree grows from within, with Mamba-men resting below.

The display is kept in clear, bright colors and comic-cartoony theme, No small consumer will walk idly by such a display. The chewing gum was put directly in the „chest” and children can easily reach it.  The Cały stand utrzymany jest w wyrazistych, jasnych kolorach i komiksowo-bajkowej stylizacji.

Original, interesting and creative. It is one of the better displays which we can see in Polish shops this summer.

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