Probably everybody has at least once after a meal felt discomfort that can be done away with by chewing gum. However, we do not always have it at hand. In this catering outlet the problem has been solved. The small counter display fits packets of two pieces of chewing gum.

Orbit is one of the leaders of chewing gum business on Polish market. The producer has been broadcasting commercials, in which he invites to “not worry and eat, drink and chew” if we have chewing gum. The small counter display refers specifically to this commercial. There is artwork showing a personified donut and coffee cup which perish against the chewing gum.

The location of the display is great – right next to the checkout and a credit card terminal. The juicy colors additionally draw the customer’s attention. Anybody paying the bill will notice Orbit.

Unless the customers already have their chewing gum, they will surely grab one.

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