One of the products likely to be the subject of impulse purchase is chewing gum. This is why the place of the exposition and the way it is presented strongly influence the sale sizes.

Orbit chewing gum has been presented in the checkout area, often called the “golden zone”. The decision to buy goods placed there is usually taken within seconds and the price is not the key criteria.

Orbit has chosen simple and elegant form of an illuminated shelf. Arranged in straight rows there are all the chewing gum types. It was a deliberate decision to choose only the most popular ones – refreshing with different mint intensity and the white series. Thanks to this the customer will not be distracted when searching among many diverse flavors. When standing by the checkout and seeing the chewing gum, they will think of the offered freshness and the only choice they will make is whether to pick more or less intense flavor.

A great advantage is the fact tat apart from Orbit expositor there are no expositions of the competition. Being the only brand in the checkout area of the shop is the perfect situation for any refreshment products producer. Even if the customer does think of buying chewing gum from another producer, it is unlikely they will walk away from the checkout to look for it on other, distant displays.

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