Olewnik company is testing an interesting method of promoting their products. Apart from cured meat available in the meat aisle, vacuum packed Krakowska dry sausage is presented on a display among the aisles.

The white and black display is made of painted plywood. It is a good choice of colors for the background, because the red „Olewnik” logo is clearly visible there. On the base of the display there is a photo of tasty sandwiches with Krakowska sausage. And on the side, a photo of sliced sausage and an advertisement slogan of the meat – perfection of taste for generations. If the stand draws attention of people who care about the quality of food in their menu, the key information is listed – no dyers, 143g meat for 100g of product.

In this form – out of the freezer – only some of the products can be displayed, of course. This sausage is of the dry kind, so it can be kept in room temperature for some time. Another advantage is the vacuum packaging, which also significantly increases the storage period. Thank to this, Krakowska sausage from Olewnik can be displayed in this form without problems. It is popular among those who don’t like waiting in queue to the butcher’s. The display’s location, near the pasta, spice and „dinner” ingredients should also increase sales.

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