Nutella – A JAR FULL OF SWEETNESS (Germany)

Nutella gives an example of how to make an exposition more interesting with simple POS materials.

In the front, an enlarged, characteristic jar of Nutella with a white cap as been placed, and the advertisement with the price is above the shelves. The pallets on which the jars have been placed are located at the corner of the bread and confecionery aisles. This way every customer – especially the young, sweet-toothed ones – will easily find the place with nut-chocolate temptation in a jar.

Today we cannot imagine another form of Nutella, but initially the product was in a completely different form. It was developed in 1946 by an Italian confectioner Pietro Ferrero. At first it was a chocolate block with a large amount of sugar and hazelnuts, and only a little bit of cocoa (due to post-war difficulties with supply). The block could have been cut into slices and eaten with a loaf of bread – like a sweet sandwich. Only five years later was the chocolate block replaced with a nut and cocoa cream called SuperCrema, which was easier to spread on a slice of bread. It was the son of Pietro, Michele Ferrer who changed the recipe slightly and the name to Nutella which we still know and love today.

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