How to best increase sales? One of the methods is promoting the purchases. The German company Miracoli gives their clients such a possibility. Everybody who buys four packs of pasta will get a free cheese grater.

A large display in intense yellow color, combined with equally intense red – the colors of Miracoli. The form of the exposition is economical – the product boxes are arranged on a cardboard cube. The graters are placed above, in a separate expositor.

Red, plastic graters are pretty and functional, so they will surely encourage many Customers to buy a few packs of pasta, just to get that useful company gadget.

The producer will definitely achieve a long-term effect with this special offer. If the products are as good as the producer promises, then everybody will be loyal to the brand, and thanks to the special offers, it is possible that new customers will develop a taste for Miracoli products.

And admittedly, Miracoli has a lot of fans in Germany. The company has been promoting pastas and pizzas, ever since they had started appearing on German tables in 1961. For dozens of years the offer has been constantly enriched and diversified. Today, apart from the pastas there is also sauce for them and lasagnas. As the producer assures, the high quality of the pasta dishes is guaranteed by the quality ingredients and “secret seasoning”, which gives it unique taste and makes the meal special. Interestingly, the spices are provided in a separate packaging, so that everybody can season their dish according to their individual taste.

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