Purple color and chocolate? Everybody knows it is Milka. The producer offers their candy on a large display by the end of the aisles, right on the way to the checkout. Thanks to this placement, many customers who are finishing their shopping can add some chocolate products to them.

There are also freebies that go with Milka purchases. Everybody who buys products for at least 15 pln will get a magnet with note cards. This useful gadget can be found in most Polish homes, usually placed on the fridge door. For many sweet-toothed customers it is an excellent excuse for purchase – a note card magnet is useful, and since we also get chocolate… only pros there.

The display is made on a metal frame – in the characteristic purple color of course. Thanks to this it is visible from afar, and cannot be mistaken for any other producer. The size of the display allows to present a wide range of goods. So there are the most popular chocolates, but on the hangers we can also find the crunchy Crispellos and tasty Toffees.

The advantages of this form of presentation are definitely the brand recognizability, the rich offer and the magnet note card freebies.

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