The German shops present the products of Kühne company in an interesting way.

The display on which the sauce bottles have been placed, has the shape of such a bottle viewed from the side. As such, it is the first visual information for the client.

The second one can be the large, appetizing photo of a steak covered in, of course, Kühne sauce. The company knows very well that the modern customer reacts quicker to artwork and picture than text.

On the aforementioned display, several types of sauces are presented. That includes garlic sauce, curry sauce, more or less spicy pepper sauce, habanero chili, red onion and even… dark beer.

It is worth to remember that Kühne also produces vinaigrette sauces, balsam oils, dressings, mustards. Everything that can be useful in any kitchen, especially before the already started barbecue season this year.

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