Tarczyński company leans towards diversity – both in their products and in the forms of their presentation.

In the shops we can see small counter displays, large, tall and long wooden displays, cardboard stands and even kabanosy sausages in wicker baskets. Each of the expositions draws attention and encourages purchase. Each refers in some way to the tradition of making those meat products.

The diversity translates to the offer as well. There are pork and chicken kabanosy sausages. Many of them are also set apart by the flavor – cheese, pepper, garlic, green pepper, chili and even walnut. The producer made sure that every exposition covers at least some, if not all, types of Tarczyński’s kabanosy sausages. As such, the customer can choose and decide which flavor the like best.

Operating sine 1990 the company has connected tradition with innovation. As the company representatives point out, the meats are made in one of the most innovative and environment-friendly meat plants in Europe. The strategical goal of the Tarczyński Group in the years 2013-2015 has been intensification of the development in the area of most potential, i.e. in the premium products segment for a few chosen product groups and further increase in sales in the modern distribution channel.

The producer knows very well that the key to success is not only a rich offer but also the form of the promotion-advertisement campaign. In 2013 Tarczyński started a very intensive advertisement campaign called “World champions recommend”. The commercial was aired on many TV channels and on the Interned in many forms. Masters of their professions from many parts of the world share their true passion and love for Tarczyński kabanosy.

The advertisement campaign was supported by a large Internet campaign and billboards on all hhe largest websites, on Internet TV (VOD) and through Google Display Network. There was also a simultaneous sampling campaign on a giant scale. The kabanosy could be tasted in over a dozen cities in all of Poland – in hypermarkets, delis, and selected stores. Now the favorite flavors can be found on most meat counters.

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