Hanky Panky’s dresser by EMANO DISPLAYS & POS MATERIALS.

Thanks to the high quality of manufactured products Emano Displays & POS Materials was selected for production of displays for the Harrods Department Store in London.
The inspiration for displey’s disgn was an elegant dresser dedicated to American lingerie brand Hanky Panky.

Due to the customer’s high requirements for the finishing of the  dresser, Emano used natural and individually lacquered veneers.
The smooth surface of an A class veneer gives every piece of furniture an elegant and noble status.
Not without reason why the oak and mahogany veneers have been used since the 1920s.

The stand contains six rows of drawers with a transparent window made from the plexi, allowing the consumer to see the product and choice of colour.
On the side walls of the display is the brand logo and frame on the replaceable graphic.
Emano’s goal was to show a brand’s elegance and to fit into the theme of Harrods Department Store in London, where you can see their product.
We invite you to visit, not only for the display, but also for the beauty of this luxurious department store.

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