Green Team

The latest fashion of eco-friendliness and healthy eating reflects on alcohols as well. Green team promotes wines from ecological vineyards.

As the eco style followers point out, the ecological method of cultivating grapes improves the quality of the finished wine significantly. There is less fruit on the bushes, which means that they are stronger and more efficient. The grapes are not only more mature, and therefore sweeter, but also more aromatic, with a perfectly balanced level of acidity.

It is no surprise then, that Green Team’s offer refers to ecology. The stand is made of natural resources – plywood and wood in green color. On the header there is information which reads: “Wines cultivated ecologically”.

A customer who values a healthy and ecological lifestyle can immediately head to the original Green Team stand. No matter what wine he chooses, he can be sure that he chose an ecological, fully natural product.

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