Who doesn’t like beautiful smells, not only perfumes and eau de toilette, but also fragrant house, clothes, wardrobe… In the last few years the “Fragrant wardrobe” has significantly expanded their assortment and has become one of the most recognizable Polish brands in the industry.

In MACRO all products are presented to the buyers with a plywood stand stylized to look like a wardrobe, naturally. The red color and original form of the stand, and especially the products, waiting for the customer, packed and placed in the drawers and on the shelves, definitely draw attention. Large and clear logo leaves no doubts regarding the offered assortment. It is indeed very rich. The fragrance packets in original shapes, such as wardrobe, car, handbag, shoes. There are also refreshers and perfumes for rooms, joss sticks, oils and many other products. As the producers themselves assure, those are products created for those people who consider the surrounding smell an inseparable element of life.

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