Producers of drinks, especially in the summer season, try to make their offer visible and raise the customers’ interest. Coca Cola concern has chosen a new presentation of Fanta.

The display is made of cardboard. Intense orange color is a reference to the drink. Admittedly, the energizing hue can also be associated with summer and refreshment.

As the producer announces, the new drink is based on the original Fanta recipe. It was developed n the 40s based on what was available i.e. whey and remaining apples from cider production. This is why in reference to the past, even the bottles are different. They are brown with slight crenation, and the stickers are in a simple form kept in a white-orange theme.

The entire display is similarly simple in design. On the side there is a resized bottle of the new Fanta, and in the front only information that it is a new type of drink, inspired by the original, German recipe. The bottles (bundled in 4-packs) have been directly placed on several levels divided by cardboard pads.

The Fanta display is an excellent example that a sparing form  can also be an advantage. Simple, clear and easily reaching the consumer.

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