Cold Finlandia

Alcohol companies usually choose sophisticated POS materials which draw the consumer’s attention. Illuminaed mats are definitely a part of this category.

Finlandia presents their characteristic vodka bottles on a special, illuminated mat, on the front of which there is a price strip with the company logo engraved on it. The cold light comes through the bottles and creates a spectacular effect – it makes it seem as if the bottles were shining.

The producer definitely picked a cold hue of the LED light on purpose. Thanks to this the consumer intuitively associates it with cold alcohol, and as is known this is the best way to serve it.

Finlandia vodka has been on the market since 1970. As the producer ensures, it is made of specially selected six-row barley, maturing under the watchful eye of the north. The heart and soul of the alcohol is the crystal clear and fresh water from a post-glacial spring.

Apart from their flagship clear vodka, the company also offers alcohol in the flavor of lemon, blackcurrant, mango, cranberry, grapefruit and spicy redberry vodka, platinum vodka, 101 vodka.

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