Wedel Ptasie Mleczko

Deep blue cardboard stand was made for Wedel sweets but particularly for Ptasie Mleczko: soft marshmallow with a chocolate coating. For the best taste experience the producer recommends to eat some variation frozen and that makes them wonderful snacks for summer.

Four shelves can contain three Ptasie Mleczko boxes’ fronts or nine Choco-tubes sachets or five Cow Faces chocolate boxes’ fronts The top shelf is worth special attention- it has additional steps which are used to exposed the sweet boxes even more.

The similar artwork of the boy in red sitting on the zebra was used on the topper and on the side panels. The topper was cut along the contour which makes the background pop. Inside panels and the base are slightly bend inside which emphasize the three dimensional effect. The base has just brands logo but it allows to focus more on the chocolate sweets.

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